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KCC Parishes Highways Improvement Plan

What is is?

Kent County Council look after the roads (except motorways) in the county, they decide what needs improving or maintaining.

Highways Improvement Plan (HIP) is something that the Kent County Council are encouraging Parish Councils to use to highlight areas of local concern. The HIP is a live document that can be updated and reviewed periodically.

We’ve been working with our neighbouring parishes, looking at crash and roads data and gathering views, including that generated during the Neighbourhood Plan surveys.


What did we ask to be looked at?

Boughton Aluph & Eastwell listed our top priorities as


A251 (Faversham Road)

speed reductions, traffic islands, calming measures

Lees Road, Wye Road, Pilgrims Way, Brewhouse Lane & Church Lane

speed reductions, paint effect calming, quiet lanes

Sandyhurst Lane & Lenacre Street

speed reductions, paint effect calming and quiet lanes 


What happens next?

Highways have examined our plan and proposals in detail. KCC have used their data alongside national roads guidance and told the Parish Council that a 20 mph scheme around the Wye Road, Lees Road and Pilgrims Way (part) area is the one that they can likely support and is most likely to succeed.

Speed data was gathered in January 2023 from test boxes, we were fortunate to get these funded by KCC.

Detailed plans are now being drawn up by a highways engineer along with full costings. Once plans and costs are available from KCC the Parish Council can look at them. There isn’t any KCC funding to carry out road schemes identified our plan and highways works are expensive. There is money allocated in the 2023/2024 parish council budget.

Watch this space for updates when we have them.