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Planning & the Parish Council

Does the Parish Council give me permission?

  • No, Ashford Borough Council decide on whether to allow a planning application.

Why is my application discussed at your meeting if the Parish Council doesn't decide?

  • Ashford Borough Council asks the Parish Council's opinion as a statutory consultee (other consultees will include neighbours). The Parish Council will discuss applications at a Parish Council meeting or a Planning Committee meeting. 

Can I watch?

  • Yes, Parish Council meetings and Planning Committee meetings are held in public (virtually at the moment) so you can observe what happens. There is usually also an opportunity to speak before the discussion starts. Afterwards, decisions are reported in the Minutes of the meeting and any comments made to Ashford Borough Council will appear on their Planning Portal.

How will the Parish Council decide what to say?

  • It uses planning policy documents such as the Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan and national guidelines on planning. The Parish Council is also in the best position to able to consider the local geographical features and local opinion.

How can I find out about applications near me?

  • Go to the Ashford Borough Council website, you can search by address if you don't know the number. You can also sign up for a weekly email. Follow the following link for the Ashford Borough Council website

How can I apply for planning permission?

  • Apply online using the Planning Portal or find out more from Ashford Borough Council.