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Good News from your Neighbourhood Plan *updated*

By Parish Clerk Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council

Wednesday, 21 April 2021


Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council Contributor


The Examiner has reported that the plan (with recommended amendments) meets the conditions to be able to go forward to a referendum.

Here are the plan highlights that will help protect and improve your local area (approved without any suggested changes):

  • designation of 7 Local Green Spaces
  • protection of 13 views
  • site requirements for the area of major change within the Parish (Eureka Park)
  • a defined built up boundary for Boughton Lees for the first time
  • identification of individual character areas and buildings of note
  • identification of Eastwell Farmlands as valued landscape where the landscape character should be retained (with particular consequences for Lenacre Hall Farm)
  • protection for your pubs and community buildings

The examiner ends with thanks to all of you that have been involved.

It is clear that the Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Parishes Neighbourhood Plan is the product of much hard work undertaken since 2014 by the Parish Council, its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the many individuals and stakeholders who have contributed to the preparation and development of the Plan.

In my assessment, the Plan reflects the land use aspirations and objectives of the Boughton Aluph and Eastwell communities for the future planning of their Parish up to 2030. The output is a Plan which should help guide the area’s development over that period, making a positive contribution to informing decision-making on planning applications by Ashford Borough Council

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Ashford Borough Council published its Decision Statment on 6 May 2021 confirming that the plan may proceed to referendum. Public Notice and Decision Statement.

As soon as we know the date for the referendum we will share it.

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